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Daily Bread


Our Financial Security 2 Corinthians 8:1-7

Sharing is a learned quality; it simply is not a natural characteristic. Observe what young children do. They squabble over who goes first, whose piece of cookie is bigger, and who plays with their toys. As adults, we struggle as well, especially when it comes to our finances. We demand to have our “rightful share” and keep what is ours. The choices we make with our finances—how much we hold, how much and how often we give—reveal where we place our trust.God calls Christians to a lifestyle of generous giving, not of accumulating and hoarding. He tells us to find security in our relationship with Him rather than in our assets. Why? Because for most of us, no matter how much we have, it never feels like enough. Also, when we focus on money, we open the door to uncertainty and anxiety. What if we lose our job, miss the promotion, get a long-term illness, or witness a stock market decline? When our finances suffer, our sense of security decreases.

But if our security is in our relationship with God through Christ, then we’ll be thankful for what we have and will trust Him for the future. We’ll keep finances in their proper perspective: They are given to us by God to be used for His purposes, not ours.

One of God’s purposes is that we support the local church. How generously do you contribute to your congregation? Do you look for additional opportunities to give? Do you have a positive attitude when you hear financial appeals? Let your giving pattern reveal that you’ve placed your security in God rather than money.(Sentuhan Hati)