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From zeist netherlands, I (Mrs. Caroline Sekawael) came to Indonesia longing to pray and bless the city of Malang, Semarang, Menado and Papua, apparently God has other plans for Me, my last trip in Indonesia is Papua in Nabire city, but while visiting the city of Malang in East Java, I met young people from the city of Nabire Papua in a community of young people, I prayed and blessed them, then my nephew Ms.Judith Hetharia who escorted me that she got the wisdom from god that our last trip should be in Depok city, there is a place to pray, praise and worship God, so that the trip to Papua is canceled. When I came to the House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden in the city of Depok, just entered the gate I saw a building that looks like buildings in Jerusalem, I was fascinated and feel something that I never felt. then we enlisted in the receptionist and we got a prayer room, then we went into the Solomon prayer tower, just entered the big gate of prayer tower, I felt the presence of God very strong, there are some people who are praying, praising and worshiping God with music exquisite. I really feel very blessed, I see there are flags of several nations, I just understand that the nations continue to be prayed for being the subject of prayer because it has been arranged from Jerusalem House of Prayer for all Nations where Indonesia is at the gate of Bethany and Bethpage Gate , where the nations in the region continue to be prayed for. I am very amazed and I also pray that the House of Sacrifice Prayer Garden is used by God to reach more nations in this world, and be a blessing to everyone who comes here. I really enjoy the presence of God here and I also meet the watchman chairman namely mrs. Zipora Kasiati, she was playing music and worshiping God, I really enjoy the praise, the worship and feel like a burning fire in my chest, amazingly I really feel the presence of God and I will bring the fire of God from this place to Netherlands for young people so that they may be raised spiritually. and at lunch I got into a small bookstore and then I saw a book titled stars in the sky in papua, waoow I feel this amazing something not coincidental, God has arranged my trip to Indonesia, it turns out God has canceled our trip to Papua with God’s intention that we meet with young people of papua in Malang and then in Depok I also see and buy a book titled stars in the sky in papua apparently I just understand after reading the book written by Pastor Ir. Jongky T. Widjojo M.Th, I understand that this place was built because of the vision of God. I read the book till night, and I am very grateful that God opened many new things that I have never had. Thank you Lord Jesus for the Fire of Your Power that will bring me back to the Netherlands and be a blessing there. Thank you for the management of House Of Sacrifice Prayer Garden who has welcomed me graciously here I am really grateful. God bless us all. Amen.